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Leak of Windows 10 Mobile build reveals the final location for the Edge browser’s address bar

windows10-logo-100466239-largeWhile the Windows Phone line currently has less than 4% of market share globally, the people that are now using the phones love them. With what we’ve seen in Windows 10 so far, a lot of people (me included) expresses disappointment with the OS, not with the features that it lacks, but the features that Microsoft removed. Times and times again, we have expressed our anger with Microsoft putting options bars and address bar to the top. Well, it seems like all the nagging has somewhat paid off, as we see the relocate of the Edge’s address bar in the newest leaks.

The folks at obtains some screen shot of the next build of Windows 10 Mobile, and allows us to learn further what we are getting later this year. A few things noticeable beside the change in Edge is the inclusion of a flashlight toggle in the action center, as well as some visual changes in the All Apps screen. As for the Edge browser, it appears that Microsoft has decided to move the address bar to the bottom, where it belongs.

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How do you feel about the newest changes to the OS? Tell me bellow.


Via: Windows Central


One reply on “Leak of Windows 10 Mobile build reveals the final location for the Edge browser’s address bar”

Frankly, I was on the fence between the google Ara phone (despite liking windows 10) and windows 10 mobile. If Microsoft can follow user feedback and make the phone experience reflect user demands, then when it comes to my next phone, I may well opt for the Microsoft iteration.

Having said that, the prospect of W10 running on the Ara seems quite tantalising. But I think google will probably make the hardware architecture dependent on Android.

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