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Copy and Paste, does it matter?

As we saw yesterday, Apple introduces the iOS 8, and in the beginning of April, Microsoft reveals to the world Windows Phone 8.1, and you know what they have in common? They both were playing catch up with Android by adding features that the big green Droid already have, but does it matter much that any of these platforms?

Keep swimming and keep swimming…

Now don’t get me wrong, both platforms brings their own, unique features to the table. Windows Phone with Tiles and floating background or iPhone with the unique experience, and the utilities of the way iOS works making it one the most reliable OS in the world right now. However, they were both behind the one big guy, Android. Why? Well, Windows Phone is pretty obvious. Microsoft has a problem with releasing updates, and that is they never keep up  with competitors with little features that can make your life a lot easier. Now, with Apple, they tend to have a strict control, and delivers the experience under the influences of Steve Job. That is not a bad thing, but it tends to slow down, combine with the fact that they are a bit conservatives with how they think iOS should run make the experience of using an iPhone reliable, but not the best that they can offer.

Android is a different story, they built on an open platform, and like a lot of google service, for free! Now, since it is an open platform, everyone can do anything, that why skins and launchers that are existing in most of Android phones right now allow people to customize and developers create features that become essential to the experience of their own. Then Google picks up the best features, as well as some of their own (Google now is a good example) to make the experience become perfect (almost). A loosely control system is actually turning out pretty well for Android and Google right now, and a lot of features, like widgets in the notification center that Apple showed to us, are customizable through rooting and use a lot of different programs like Cyanagen.

All come back to the legendary OS

A few of you might ask, which is the legendary OS? But most of you know the answer, is webOS. The death platform is one of the most influential platform in family-treethe Smartphone industry. The creators have ideas to make a legendary UI, from the carts for multitasking, Synergy and unified messages hub, or even pick up a phone call with your tablet. In the tech community, we might disagree on a lot of things, but one thing we do agree on is that webOS still lives under all the three big platforms, with its features to become an important part of using a Smartphone.

And it matters because…..

Because in any key-note, someone will inevitably jump up and says something like “That’s from webOS” or “That’s from Android.” That is when I changed my mood, put a frown on my face, and yelled “So what?”  The whole point of any update is to ensure the users can now do what they wouldn’t be able to do, and that is a good thing. I mean, it is important to innovate, but at the same time, the OS has to be able to do basic thing that other OS can do. That is why Microsoft catch up game end in April is so important to the platform. Or how is users now have less reason to leave the OS. Or Android will have more features that attract users from other platforms. It’s all about the execution, not where it comes from. None of these platforms are perfect, and it is fair to say that one feature is from another platform, like “the widget thing is obviously from Android, ” because even though I just praise the platform, is not perfect, and in fact, a lot of its features are also coming from the legend, webOS.

The bottom line is that they just all want to give the users the best experience, and no one should be condemned for trying to do that.


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