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iPhone 6 reportedly will have a QHD display


559to5Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 6 has an overwhelming amount of leak, and at this rate, it is not surprising to me that by the time it launched, we don’t even bother to watch it. To catch up with Android competitors, apparently the iPhone 6 will have a QHD display, similar to the LG G3. Remembers Jimmy Lin, the one leaked the iPhone 6 the other day? Well, according to him, the unit that he leaked out was an authentic device.

How can we be sure? Well, this piece of information came from “Apple employees” from Hong King, and the phone that Jimmy Lin has is iPhone 6 Beta device that Apple has recently shipped out for testing purposes, to all of their facilities, which include Hong Kong. The source also reveals that the reason why we don’t see more  leak from other Beta version is because each sample unit can be recognized “by a set of unique particularities.”

Back to the display, the source states that the iPhone 6 will feature a QHD (AkA 2K) on their next iPhone, although it is unclear which model will it be featured on. As of right now, we can’t be certain, since there is no official announcement yet. But tell me, would you like a 2K display feature on an iPhone?


Via: G4Games; Pocketnow



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