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Nokia’s technology now also become a part of Microsoft


Although the deal has been done for awhile now, but the question about Nokia and its products still remains un-answer, well, at least until now.

During the their life span, Nokia had created certain brands for its products, especially in the camera section, and now, according to the report by NPU, the technology is now owned by Microsoft.

Another technology that is now in Microsoft possession is Clear Black, a technology used on the display to reduce the reflection on the glass above the display; on theory, this should improve outdoor visibility.

Beside this technology, Microsoft also own the Lumia and Aisha line up as we known. But the odd brands that Microsoft decided to keep are Surge and Mural. Surge is the Symbian Smartphone line up, and the Mural was released on AT&T. Microsoft has not made any statements as to why they want to keep trademark name that was used once 5 years ago.

All six trademark names, Asha, Lumia, Pure View, Clear Black, Surge and Mural are now under the new company, Microsoft Mobile Oy.

Source: NPU

Via: Phone Arena



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