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Sony teases its launching of the Xperia Z2 for the US?


Sony impresses us all with the Xperia Z2, not just with the unique, yet elegant design, but for its phenomenal camera and ease of use. Although a lot of us in the US would like to own one, So far, Sony makes it quite difficult for us to get one for ourselves, especially those who heavily relied on the carriers to deliver their phone. But it seems like Sonny is working hard to get their devices out there for US users.

A few days ago, we’ve seen some leaked info about the device get picked up by the largest US carrier, Verizon. Though it’s hard to verify the leak, Sony is quite lucid with its effort to bring us these Z2. Well, today, we got a teaser of an Xperia Z2 under water, with a Verizon logo on the front. This teaser was posted on the Sony Mobile Facebook page, but the company had taken it down.

So, we know for sure that it will come to Verizon, it is just the matter of time until we see the phone on the shelf. Unfortunately, the teaser does not contain any information related to the time of releasing.

Source: Sony (Facebook)

Via: Pocketnow



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