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Voice activate will soon be available on Cortana.


We all love the one and only Cortana, and it seems like it is getting better and better everyday, as it gains more user database. However, Cortana is still behind Google Now and Siri, which can be activated through voice command, for now, you have to either press the Search button or the live tiles. Well, that will end soon as Marcus Ash, the “Group Program Manager for Cortana on Window Phone” (Wow, what a title) reveals to us that the group is working on a voice-activated Cortana in the near future.


This certainly a catchup move, as Google has been doing that for years for most Android phones when their screens is on, or even in the Moto X case, when the screen is off and in standby. iOS8 recently also added this feature, but with the requirement that you have to plug the phone in. Some of the problem right now that the company has to figure out is a way for Cortana to recognize the user’s voice and not other users or even sound from the television (Happened to the Xbox).

The power supply is another concern, and since the feature most likely will use a lot of power, this will perhaps only available on either when the phone’s screen is on. If Microsoft and Ash’s team are doing what the Moto X does, only those who have a Snapdragon 800 or newer can be able to use the feature without killing the battery.

Source: Marcus Ash (Twitter)

Via: Pocketnow



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