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Moto X+1 shows up on video again



If you are anything like me and tried out the Moto X, you have to be excited for the Moto X+1. The phone with its Voice Activation even when it’s on voice standby is just simply amazing. Now, 2 days ago, I reported on the boot screen video from the phone that is now has been taken down, and today, the source has made another video public, shows us the phone with the screen on and function.

According to @PrePaidNerds (the source), the Moto X+1 has a 1080p AMOLED display. The phone is allegedly for Verizon, with Verizon’s bloat on it. In this video, he explains that the camera right now is not working properly. Also, as of right now, the handset is running on Android 4.4.2, and the Voice activation, “Ok, Google now” for this device is not working. However, TK Tech News does not know “if that’s intentional or not.” If you look at the boot screen, you would still see that the “A Google company” trademark is still on there, and as he called up Motorola for an explanation, Motorola says it is because of the Lenovo deal has not gone through just yet.

Design wise, although we cannot see much of the phone except for the home screen, TK Tech news has painted us a word-picture of how the phone looks like. The screen seems to have thinner bezels, but the whole size of the front looks to be the same size at the Moto X. Overall, the design language hasn’t changed, the size of the phone is a little bigger, but apparently the back of the phone has changed a bit. Volume and power buttons are now made up of ceramic or metal, and the placement of them is different. With the Moto X, the buttons are far apart, but with this, they seem to be right on top of each other.


Source: TK Tech News (YouTube)



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