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The Moto X+1 will be featured 4K recording


We are all similar and a part of his 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, @PrePaidNerds, also known as TK Tech News. Lately, he has been quite famous with a series of leaked video on devices like the Galaxy S5 Active and especially the Moto X. Well, today, his newest videos show us new feature that will be included in the Moto X+1.

We all came to know and love the Moto X for its great user experience, but the camera and video recording is not its best strength. However, it appears that Motorola is stepping up its game. The camera, according to the videos that TK Tech News, it will feature 4K video recording, as the Youtube allows watchers to pump up the resolution (in his first video), and the third one is indeed in 4K as the video title as such.

Although the colors seem a bit washed out, frame rate seems stable and the audio sounds quite clear, focusing looks to have some trouble, but here, why don’t you judge it for yourself.

Source: TK Tech News (Youtube) 1, 2 (4K); 1080p HD



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