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3 code manes leaked from Nokia, hinted at more Lumia handset are coming from Microsoft



Well, although the deal is done, we are still waiting for the first Windows Phone device come from Microsoft. So far, beside the McLaren, we haven’t heard much of the giant Microsoft on new devices, well, not until today. As the king of leaks on the internet right now, @evleaks releases 3 names, or code-names I should say, an up-and-coming Lumias.

The 3 names are Vela, Athena and Libra. These will be the name of the newest Lumia smartphone and tablet that will be coming out of Microsoft. This is quite credible, as last November, @evleaks already showed to us a list of James-Bond theme code names from Nokia, and the Moneypenny is now the Lumia 630 (Wow, that actually makes sense), so I guess this year’s theme is constellations. Also, worth mentioning, the Nokia Lumia brand has been licensed by Microsoft for naming in the next 10 years.

Source: @evleaks

Via: Phone Arena




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