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Windows Phone 8.1 numbers are released, with OTA updates yet to arrive


As July come, the odds of Windows Phone users to get full Windows Phone 8.1 update are as good as the chances of the US goes through the round of 16 in the World Cup (psych, we already passed). We have seen leaks of schedule  for OTA updates leaked from Nokia, but beside that, your only option is the developer preview (which you must have a developer account to get it. Well, despite all the bug and lags has been reported in the preview version, Microsoft has gained a lot of attraction to a lot of Windows Phone users.

More than 7 percent of Windows Phone users (7.7% to be exact) have either Windows Phone 8.1 or Lumia Cyan version of the OS. This report comes from AdDuplex, and although the numbers are not significant, the considering this just released in April, and last month, the numbers reached 5.2%, this is significant growth.

Rather than the fact that 8.1 preview has been already out, this relates more to the fact that the Lumia 630 has start selling world wide. The sale of the handsets is not yet replacing other Windows Phone 8 devices, but time has changed, and the handset is moving up the ladder. Last recorded, the Lumia 630 held 10th place.

81_june_marketshareSource: AdDuplex Blog

Via: WPCentral, Pocketnow



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