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Sony went ahead of the race brings out in 4.4.4 updates, left other OEMs behind


Although its phone is not selling incredibly well, the company is known for its consistency in delivering update timely for its Android user. Although for the title winner, Motorola might gets the upper hand. Well, as of right now, Sony is winning them all with its latest update with its latest 4.4.4 updates to various of its smartphones.

To be fair, 4.4.4 is not a big update by any means, but it only started rolling out, for Nexus models last week, so an OEM is ready for an update is quite impressive. As of right now, the updates have been officially delivered to Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z1 Companct. These updates also spotted in Asia and Europe.

Hopefully, newer model like the Z2 will be joining the 4.4.4 update train soon, and it would ne nice that other OEMs 4.4.4 updates for their own.

Source: Sony 1,2,3

Via: Pocketnow



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