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R.I.P Facebook Home (2013-2014)… Or not…?


With Android, the launcher has been always been one of the joys that users have, with the wide range of customizattion. We saw Nokia with its alpha releases of the Launcher Z, or Yahoo’s Aviate launcher, or the Jolla launcher available limited. In the Spring last year, Facebook introduced to the Android platform with the Home launcher and the HTC First with the launcher pre-install. We all know how well that went, the First was drowning due to many reasons despite its potential to become something special. The launcher, however, has been swimming for awhile to survive. But today, the words came out that the team has been disbanded.

Although it hasn’t formally end, Home hasn’t got any update for half a year, and the newest report from The New York Times sources believe that Facebook has stopped the group that is working on Home Launcher. Yes, there were security and bug fix at some point, but there is little chances of any update for enhancements or UI refresh.

Facebook has released a statement has said that there is still a team work on it, but we wonder is that just for show because Facebook did not mention plans to update the launcher or anything-(Update from Engadget).

Source: The New York Times; Engadget

Via: Pocketnow



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