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‘HTC One M8 for Windows’ might be released in Europe?


Beside the fact that the name is quite ridiculous, the “One M8 for Windows) seems to be quite compelling. The idea of having a Windows Phone with a One body has been rumored for quite awhile now, dated all the way back to the original One day. Today, we have more document to believe such a phone exists, as European certificate document reveal the device’s LTE bands for Europe markets.

Look at the certificate, we see a certain HTC6995LVW model floating around. Now, the suffix is of course, the Verizon Wireless for US exclusivity, as rumored before. About the number 6995, it is quite unclear what it means. The M8 has the model umber 6525, so beside the number 5, we do not have anything to go on here. However, the HTC 8X has the model 6990, which mean this will surely be a Windows Phone device.

The bands documents for “M8 for Windows” includes LTE Bands 3,4,7 and 13. Band 4 is what US carriers like AT&T and Verizon use, Band 13 is currently in use by Verizon, BAnd 7 and 13 are common in European usage. So, besides telling us that this will be on Verizon for sure, the document also suggests that the phone will be available globally, specifically for Europe.

When is this phone be launching? Well, there is an event in August hosted by HTC, and I’ll be covering it from far away, so stay tune.

Source: GCF

Via: Pocketnow; WP Central


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