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LG leaked its own G3 Stylus on a promotional video


Although a lot of of phablet out there have no point of being existing, chances are every OEM have at least one phablet series on their hand. Samsung with its Galaxy Mega and the Galaxy Note, Nokia with its Lumia 1520, and Sony with its Z Ultra. One weird thing is, LG has not had anything that’s been considered a phablet for quite awhile now. Yes, there is the G Flex with the 6-inch bendable panel, but it has proven itself to be a proof-of-concept more than an actual long-run series of product. But don’t be disappointed, because the company just officially-but-unofficial announces its phablet for this year.

g3-stylus-2On its YouTube channel, LG uploaded a video, an ad if you will, for the new LG G3 Beat, a smaller and lower-end of the G3. Everything was going as per use, until something particularly odd at the end appear: a device with a stylus popped out and titled the G3 Stylus. This device has been rumored for a few months, as a replacement for the LG Vu, but in recent weeks, it has been a bit quiet, and nothing new about the device appeared until this video comes up.

And in this video, we were able to gather a few things: One, the stylus slides out of the top of the device; two, the stylus seems to be a capacitive one rather than a digitized stylus like the Surface Pen or the Galaxy Note (but then again, since there is no official announcement of the handset, we don’t know yet); three, the handset might have a downgraded camera wise, as the Auto laser focus light disappeared and the LED flash is a single light.

And I will say it again, there has been no official announcement of this device yet, so the internal specification is still, a giant question mark

Source: LG (YouTube)

Via: Pocketnow



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