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Next Motorola device is ready for shipment from Verizon

You know, it does not need a smartphone in the picture to be a smartphone leaks, just a box of a mystery device has been good enough. Well, today, we got exactly that. Today, we got a package of “MOTOROLA MOBILITY” packs a device codenamed XT1096. This box appears to be from Verizon and although we did not see the handset, this box in itself is quite interesting.

So, first, what the hell is Motorola XT1096, it is, well… The model number itself does not tell us much about the device. But some theory has been created. One is the X+1 for Verizon, since it is a CDMA carrier, it does need a different variant to compatible to its network. Two, is the next generation of the Droid Maxx or Droid Mini. As of right now, I can’t clarify the legitimacy of the leaks, so stay tuned for more coverage.

Source: Android Central



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