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Next generation Moto G launch date and pricing rumored


While the Moto X+1 is almost here, we can’t forget about its sibling, the Moto G. The cheap and affordable G line has become one of the most popular phone for the company, so there is no way that the phone is stoping. We’ve seen some leak about the handset, and some details about the phone. Today, we got some light on the ETA of the next generation Moto G and possibly the pricing of the device.

According to the source, the next Moto G, the G+1 (if Motorola follows the trend of the X) or the G2, can begin selling in September 10, which is less than a month from today. Now, this begs a question of when will Motorola announce this if the phone is launching less than a month. Now, Motorola can go with HTC’s route and release the phone a few days after launch, and send out invitation a week or two beforehand, or even in IFA.

We also might witness an increase in price, according to the source. Since it has a bigger display (at least that’s what it’s rumored to be), the phone will inevitably have a rise in price. A European source hints at a price of about 250 EUR, which is quite more expensive than even the 3G & 4G models of the current Moto G. One of the sites reported the story, Pocketnow, expected Motorola to be having another model between the next generation Moto G and very cheap Moto E, which will be a replacement for the current Moto G.

Source: GSM Arena

Via: Pocketnow



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