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Motorola Shamu (Nexus 6)’s leaked benchmark hints its specification


You know, although we did not get any hardware at Google I/O, we were sure about one fac that Google will have a Nexus or Android Silver to give the users a stock Google experience. Now, even know that the Android Silver seems to be dying under the water, the rumors of Motorola is making the next Nexus keeps coming up. Today, GFXBench releases a benchmark test of a Motorola Shamu, which has been rumored before to be the code name of the Nexus 6, and the result indicates something quite compelling.


Now, to be fair, GFXBench did not provide the whole spec sheet for us, but what we can make of the test is quite interesting. This “Motorola Shamu’s” benchmark scores are in quite impressive, level if not better than some current flagship that we have right now, and all of these phones are running the Snapdragon with a 1080p display. So, what can we get from this: the Motorola Shamu, or Google Nexus 6, will be featuring a Snapdragon 801 and a 1080p panel, which is not surprising, with the new direction that Google is making the Nexus line to become a high-end but affordable line.

So, are you excited about the next Google Nexus?

Source:  GFXBench

Via: phoneArena


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