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Nokia Lumia ‘Tesla’ 830 can come in different variant

Lumia 830Well, without some decent spec-phone announced, it makes sense that people would be excited about a new Lumia. We’ve heard for awhile about 3 phones, Superman, Tesla and McLaren. Now, McLaren was rumored to be dead, but the Lumia “Superman” 730 (Selfie phone) and Lumia “Tesla” 830 are reported (and hinted by Microsoft itself) to be announced at IFA. While the Lumia 730 most likely a low-end selfie device, the Lumia 830 was expected to be an affordable high-end device, and today, we got some more inside information.

For the US market, the phone will be available in 3 variants for 3 biggest carriers in the US: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Unfortunately, Sprint customer will not be getting all the “Nokia by Microsoft” stuff. The source also mentioned a conflicted report about the screen size and resolution. It has not been clear, but the source says that the 3 variants will have different model numbers, similar to the Lumia 822, 820 and 810.

The report also mentions that T-Mobile and AT&T have the similar variant. The source also reported that T-Mobile variant might get a spec bump and resolution (I assumed to pay back for all the year of being neglected my Microsoft). It is likely that one of the three variants will not be having Qi charging, and since AT&T has quite a relationship with Qi, it most likely is AT&T.

TK Tech News thinks that it will get a Lumia 830 variant, and stay tune, I will continue to report as the story developed.

Source: TK Tech News



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