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Samsung’s new A5 will cost around $400, maybe…


For the pass few weeks, we have heard of a new Samsung device, code name the Samson SM-A500 (which rumors indicate at the name Galaxy A5). While the phone continues the metal frame trend of the Galaxy Alpha and the Note 4, It might just be one of the more affordable one, as sources from Sam Mobile reveals to us the price today.

With the aim to bring flagship feels for an affordable smartphone, the Galaxy A5 will cost around $400-$450 according to the source, meaning that it will be cheaper, thus more affordable than the Galaxy S5 or its first metal trims handset, the Galaxy Alpha. With the price, we would also expect a middling spec, which was revealed in the leak, including a 5-inch 720p AMOLED display, LTE, 5MP front-facing camera (following the selfie trend I see), 13MP rear-camera, and a quad-core Snapdragon 400, supports by 2GB of RAM. The phone will also have 16GB of built-in storage. The rumors also tell us that the phone will beat the iPhone 6 on the thickness, at 6.7mm.

SamMobile also mentioned two more devices, the A3 and A7, which many, including Phone Arena, expected to be in the same series as the Galaxy A5 above. As the numerical order suggests, the A3 will be cheaper than the A5, at around $350-$400. However, the A7 will be the most expensive one out of the three, speculated at around $450-500. Of course, with the fact that these phones are in the same series, the metal frames will be retained for both models. Now, the source hints at the selective of availability for the A7, which will only be sale in “select countries”, while the A5 and A3 will be available globally.

Source: SamMobile


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