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The next generation of G Flex is coming?


When you talk about innovative feature, the closest thing we got was the LG G Flex, the first, truly, flexible device. While the flexible panel is still in development, LG was absolutely heading somewhere. The real question, however, is ‘will LG make another G Flex, or is it just a prove of concept?’ Now, while we don’t know for sure at the moment, the recent public action of the Korean company lead to the answer.

Through USPTO, LG has just trademarked the name G Flex, G Flex Frame and F Frame. Now, this might not mean anything. After all, LG might just want to protect the name for legal reason rather than ensure us any new product. Also, just a reminder, the G Flex is just a beta, we not even sure if LG will go ahead and keep that name.

What is more interesting is that we got a new alphabetical letter, ‘F’. So, LG might just be working on a new line of device. Since we do not have a pattern on how the company name the lower-end device just yet, this could end up being a better line than the G? Or just another entry-level series…

Source: USPTO

Via: Pocketnow



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