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Microsoft: There is no space for Nokia


BmDfZcBIgAAyMF4-450x600Well, while I and other Nokia fan boys hope this day would never come, as soon as Microsoft finished its purchases of Nokia, the disappearing of the brand became inevitable. At first, we heard about Microsoft’s licensing the Nokia brand for 10 years, which gave us a lot of hope for the existence of the brand, is now just disappear due to some new information that was picked up by The Verge.

Well, can’t say we didn’t see it coming, but according to the source familiar with the matter, Nokia France will be the first to be changing its name to “Microsoft Lumia” on various social networks, and other countries in the following weeks. The decision partly has to do with the fact that Nokia is still a separate company in Finland that focus on mapping service and network infrastructure. Also, it seems like Microsoft is planing to make a name for itself in the mobile handset business.

The company will now promoting the Lumia brand. The question now is how will Microsoft be naming its future devices, because there are good chances that the Lumia 830 and 730 will be the last that to carry the Nokia branding. What brand will be the next to get implant on the front and back of the phone? Lumia, Microsoft, or even Microsoft Lumia? We just have to wait until further announcement by Microsoft on this matter.

Source: The Verge

Via: phoneArena


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