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Apple sent out invitations for March

Apple-Watch-logo-main1Well, just like Motorola, Apple is one of the few company that does not race to big mobile events like Mobile World Congress. Instead, it makes people clear their event for itself. Yes, Apple is one of those people. But it is smart, and it might just be the announcement for the Apple Watch, and we might actually be able to test one in the near future.

On March 9. Apple is summoning us to “spring forward” with it on a live-stream event. Now, Apple did not specifically what the meet up is for on that specific date. However, March 9 is the start of Daylight saving, and we will be changing our time, and what a better way to change time than get a new watch?

Also, we aren’t sure about the fact that we will get the watch. What we do know is that the shipment is not ready for until April. What we will get, at least we hope to get, is more information about the watch, what have been changed, and the official launch date. Also, a rumor on an iPad Pro to compete with the Surface Pro might also make an announcement.

*Also, while I did not have time to report, but the Pebble Time has been announced by Pebble

Via: Pocketnow


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