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FCC voted on the most important Net Neutrality reclassify

Net NeutralityWell, it has been a long battle, but we did it, Internet. We have witnessed, for awhile now, the war between Internet community and big IPS and carriers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T. Well, just a few months ago, we heard President Obama get out the plan for Net Neutrality, which is what well all want, for it to be a utility, and to be regulated by the government as such. Also, a few weeks ago, Tom Wheeler, FCC chairman also decided to join the fight with the White House. With the vote today in the FCC, a 3-2 decision decided that the Internet is now, a utility under Title II regulation.

This reclassification is not only for cable companies, but also wired broadband, meaning carriers will also be under this regulation. This vote is protecting internet developers from being controlled by IPS and carriers. Well, it is good that the first stage of the battle is over, but there is still a long way to go. Undoubtedly, IPS and carriers like Comcast and AT&T will fire back with lawsuits. But for now, the battle is over.

To be clear, the changes will not take effect right away. But this will ensure internet users and developers to be protected and have a fair chance to compete among the big kids.

Source: FCC

Via: USA Today



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