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Moto X 2015 to feature a fingerprint scanner?

9d38b-motorola_moto_x_57586940_20_610x436One of the less attractive things about the Moto X 2014 is this over-sized dimple on the back of the phone. While the previous version got it just right (in my opinion), the current version has it overwhelmingly large. Back then, the question that was going around after we see the phone is “is that a button or a fingerprint scanner?” Well, while the answer is no, the next generation of the phone might just have it.

Alleged pictures of the Moto X 2015 come out of China let us get a look at the internal of the device. Now, as you can see, a lot of components are missing, so there is nothing terribly unusual there. What’s interesting is the cutout, locates right below the camera. Now, before you get your hope up, this is might very well be just the cutout for the dimple. Not to mention that the leak has not been verified.

Also, let’s compare it to the leaks we got a few days ago from Total Teck. This leak contradicted it, since we clearly saw no fingerprint scanner, at least not on the back of the device. To be fair, both leaks have not been verified, so anyone can be right at this point. But it is entirely possible, as more and more companies are starting to invest in new security features.


Source: MyDrivers

Via: Pocketnow


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