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Windows 10 Mobile got a possible launch date

windows10-logo-100466239-largeWell, Windows 10 Mobile has been in the Beta mode for quite some time now, and we still don’t know when will the full version be released to the public? Even know the company has already set a date for its PC counterpart, Microsoft has still not provided us with a definite time for Windows 10 Mobile. However, a new report comes out of Neowin might give us some insight into the situation.

The site provides us with a screen shot of a private webinar. According to this, “Windows Mobile SKUs will be available late next quarter.” This time frame falls in the month of September. However, even then, Microsoft’s spokesperson still felt a bit shaking, stated that  “the OS should come in October, or ‘possibly as early as September'”. Let’s also remember that this is not taking into account of the carriers, since the presentation is meant for OEMs only. So, the updates might come a bit later than that. Of course, the speed of which the update comes to users’ pocket varied to carriers and location.

Source: Neowin

Via: Windows Central



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