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Google teases Android 5.0

It has been awhile since Android has an overall revamp for their OS. Android 2.0 was launched in 2009, and then 3 and 4.0 made its appearance in 2011, so it has been 3 years since Google released any major update. But we might see a new version of Android at this year Google I/O, start in June 25th.

Before the first match of World Cup start, yesterday, Google tweeted picture above, and although at first glance, you probably wouldn’t notice anything special in particular. The pictures shows the World Cup schedule (Did you watch the match today?), nothing special right? Wrong, look at the status bar up top and tell me what you see…
Yes, the clock set precisely at 5:00. We often see companies like Google, Apple, or even Microsoft sometime puts hints into their invitation or teaser. A lot of time, it’s the date on the screen shot, or hint at the way they talk about the event. For Google, it has a habit of using time to indicate the new Android version,
We have seen something like 4:40, 4:30, etc… On many Nexus and Google Play edition phones. If you go to the Play Store right now, click on the Nexus 5 or any other devices on the site, you’ll see they are all at 4:40, and this is no different. So, did we just see a screen shot of Android 5.0?
Well, it is just a theory, but it is quite possible if we look at how Google tease Android version in the past.
Source: Google (Twitter)
Via: Pocketnow


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