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Numerous Samsung products rumored for IFA

It does not seem like Samsung will stop releasing new devices. Just in this month, we heard them releasing new tablets for AT&T. Even know it’s still quite a bit down the road, there are already some rumors about what we should expect from Samsung at IFA in September of this year. 

The old rumors that Samsung is working on its own Google glasses-like wearable, with the name the Gear Glass or something similar, and recently, the name Gear Blink has been jumping around, but there is no hardware leak or anything to back this rumor up, so for now, it is unlikely that Samsung would release it this year. 

Also, a new Galaxy Note will most likely appear at IFA this year, but there is rumor suggesting a new form factor for the Note’s for display. The rumor states that the screen will possibly be wrapped around the phone. The source, identified as “an executive of [a] local Samsung partner” hinted at the possibility of two variants of the Note 4 at IFA this year, “one with a curved OLED display for niche markets and the other a flat OLED display for mass marketing.” 

What do you want to see from Samsung at IFA, comment bellow! And while you’re down there, comment on who will win today World Cup match!


Source: Korea Times

Via: PocketnowPhone Arena


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