Windows Phone 8.1 Developers Prevew picks up its third update

While others still waiting for the OTA 8.1 updates, which is about a month away from being released, those phones who registered as developers already have Windows Phone 8.1 up and running, and today, it picks up its third update for the OS. To give you a recap, the first update was to deal with the Battery drain caused by the OS, the second one, which arrived a week ago, adjust some settings, and the feature “Quite Hours” to normal setting, instead of being exclusive to Cortana before. And today, 8.1 Dev Prev receives the third update from Microsoft, the 12397 update.

Like always, if your phone is running the 8.1 preview, you can install this update by click “Check for update” in the Settings menu. This update is just a minor update, includes enabling some newly commercialized device (which we are not sure if Microsoft was talking about phones or some new accessories) to be able to run the 8.1 preview, as well as some tweaks  in the new APIs. Microsoft states that this update will not make any difference.
Source: Microsoft
Via: WPCentral 


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