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Samsung announces the Galaxy Tab S

At today’s event located in New York, Samsung unveils the Galaxy Tab S.

The Galaxy Tab S comes in 2 variants, the 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch, both feature Super AMOLED display, full HD 1080p. Samsung describes the display as “innovative, and “immerse and captivate,” and the “ultimate viewing experience.” The screen is an Adaptive display, meaning that it will automatically adjust brightness based on the environments. Outdoor visibility supposedly great, claim by Samsung. With high contrast, and less reflexive than the LCD display, the tablet creates a great viewing experience outdoor a wide viewing angle. 

Design wise, both tablets have the thickness of 6.6mm, “super slender,” which is very impressive, for a tablet at that caliber. The back has a similar design as the Galaxy S5, but Samsung has trimmed the side of these tablets in gold color. The 10.5-inch variants weight at 465g while the 8.4-inch variants weigh at 294g. The tablets will be available in two colors, Titanium Bronze and Dazzling White. Samsung has also made a Book Cover and Bluetooth keyboard for the tablets. 

Specification wise, the both tablets are similar. They all have the resolution of 2500×1600, runs on the newest version (for now) of Android, Kitkat 4.4, features an 8 megapixels rear camera and 2.1 front facing. These tablets have options of either 16 or 32GB of storage, expandable up 128GB via Micro SD card. One difference (beside the display sizes) is the battery, the 8.4-inch has a 4900mAH battery while the 10.5-inch has a 7900mAH battery. 

The Galaxy Tab S featured some of Samsung new software, like Milk, Samsung’s very own music streaming service. The company had also partnered up with Netflix, Google, Marvel, Flipboard to give you the best software experience as possible (in principle). New Home content brings news, videos, calendars, etc…, into one place. The Kid Mode, similar to Windows Phone’s Kid’s corner, allows kids to access some games or contents without messing with important files on the tablet. The tablet also has a Sim card slot for you to use it as a phone, if you want to do that for some reason. 

Connectivity wise, the tablet has the newest Wifi standard, 802.11ac MIMO, combine with Download Booster, allows faster download speed. The newest Side Sync 3.0 allows users to share files between their Galaxy phones (Samsung did not mention what standard the phone have to be to enable Side Sync), their laptop and their tablets. While the Tab S is connecting with your phone, there is a Widget that allows you to make or receive phone call straight from the table, without actually pick up the phone. 

Security wise, Samsung featured fingerprint scanner for the tablet, and a new user access. Take advantage of the fingerprint recognition, allow differ user to access their own tablet profiles. 

As of July, these tablets will only available in WIFI version. Starts at $399 is the 8.4-inch, and starts at $499 is the 10.5-inch variant. The LTE variants will become available shortly after that. 

Source: Samsung



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