Wondering what will happen to the Nokia branding? Here is your answer…

Even know the deal had been done, there were still, no confirmation as to “what will happen with the Nokia brand?” Well, today, we have the answer.

Although we all love the brand, unfortunately, “Microsoft doesn’t own the Nokia brand”, Chris Webber explained. He reveals to us that the company is working through this, and evaluating many options. What also is undecided right now at Microsoft is that what will be the logo, will it be Windows Phone? Or Microsoft logo? Will it even be a logo, or a symbol? Those are some of the questions that the company is asking itself right now.
Chris Webber also tells us that the two probable names are Surface or Lumia, and one of these names will be the brand of every first-party hardware. Of course, there are some conflicts, “anybody from Nokia will want it to be Lumia, and I’m guessing anybody in the Surface group wants to be Surface,” he explained.
For now, even Chris Webber himself doesn’t know what Microsoft will call the next flagship, but to him, the brand is not as important. He is interested about in what way the company and the consumers defined what that brand stands for.
What do you think the next Windows Phone flagship will be called?
Source: YouTube
Via: WPCentral


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