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Secret Samsung device shows up at FCC

Damn was I right about wearable devices will be the hot thing of this year, but to be fair, everybody guessed that. Although Samsung just released the Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Neo out, as well as the Gear Fit, it doesn’t seem like it wants to stop. In May, we’ve seen a Samsung product modeled SM-R382 as, which believed to be the upcoming Galaxy Gear. Well, this week, this model appeared once again, as its FCC certification paperwork goes public.

Could this be the Galaxy Gear 2 Solo? Probably not, because there is no evidence of any band that support phone call in this model. Also, the model for that particular product possibly is SM-R710 from previous reports from the beginning of May.

In this FCC paperwork, the description shows that the product’s dimension, and the proportion of its body seems to be quite a bit shorter that the Galaxy Gear 2 model. These papers also suggest a tight and button-less design, and that seems to favor the fundamental idea of Android Wear. Could this be the next Galaxy Gear? Well, we can’t be certain, but one thing that can possibly happen is that this product will be released at IFA.

Source: FCC

Via: Pocketnow



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