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Microsoft opens to the idea of putting Cortana to other platforms (UPDATE)

Although with Windows Phone 8.1, the whole idea was to catch up with other platform. But, as iOS 8, and soon, Android newest version (5 maybe?). The only unique feature of Windows Phone is Cortana, she separates herself as a platform. Although Microsoft worked hard to create a differing factor for Windows Phone, but now, the company is actually open to the idea of sharing her to us and Android users beside Master Chief… Or Windows Phone users.

With the fundamental idea, “mobile first, cloud first,” it is possible this is the step to solve the issue where a Windows PC users own an iPhone or Android Smartphone. The company has done similar thing with its software products, like Office, Xbox SmartGlass, Xbox Music. Marcus Ash, group program manager explains why it is possible: “It’s interesting to think about the future of these assistants and whether they become a reason to buy into the ecosystem. That is the other tension we have. If you play this out five to ten years, and these assistants become the reason you choose Android or iOS or Windows, then what’s our position? Could Cortana be the thing that, as a Windows user, (makes me feel like) I’ve got to get a Windows phone?”
Although this sounds good for Windows users overall, it does not seem like a good strategy for enhancing the growth of Windows Phone. Would you like Cortana for your iOS or Android phone?
Update: “Just Kidding” is Microsoft responses.
Source: GeekWire
Via: WPCentral


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