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Sony curved camera could enhance imagery in Smartphone

It seems like this decade will be the time for curved thing. We’ve seen curved screen, curved phone, and now, we have curved camera sensor from Sony.


curvediagramhalfcolumnWe’ve seen a lot of way OEMs tried to enhance the image of Smartphone camera. HTC with its Ultra Pixels, Nokia with its OIS or Apple with its 8-elements lens. Well, with this sensor from Sony, the sensor making waves, using a curved CMOS element to a more naturally way to let more light into the picture. This sensor solves the problem that we have with flat sensor for a very long time, the distance from the lens to the sensor. Not every point along the surface of the sensor have equal distances with the lens.


How the curved sensor solves that problem? Well, the curve cuts down on CMOS dark current noise, as well as enhancing image’s precision. As reported, the light sensitivity ends up improving 1.4 times more sensitive to light in the sensor’s center and 2 times more at the edges.


Although this is developing only in full-fledge camera, Sony is already developing a mobile version. So, the future Xperia phones might just feature this sensor.

Source: Spectrum

Via: Pocketnow




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