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“The Daily Show” take on the idea of Google Glass

I’m never a big one in protecting my privacy, I frequently give out my name, emails or sometime even phone number to unreliable sites. I’m like that one guy in your group of friend who would probably put my Social Securit Number on a truck and drive it around town. But as technology goes beyond our hand in recent years, I and numerous normal people starts to freak out because of how easy our privacy can be violated.

The Daily Shows with Jon Stewart addresses this problem in their segment, “Glass Half Empty” with Jason Jones. The segment revolves around the reasons why people who are wearing Google Glass got “discriminated.” The show interviewed those who are testing the $1500  Google Glass, illustrate how their technology, if fall in the wrong hand, can be very harmful.
The show also shows (eh!) how this technology distant human from society. When one of the “explorer” try to illustrate how the Glass has apps that can “act as an interface between you and the real world.” Correspondent Jason Jones responded: “An interface between you and the real world, those are called eyes.”
When talk about other usages, the “explorers” illustrated that with the Google glass have all the access on your phone, on your face? When asked why is that a good thing, another Google Glass user explains that “because you have to reach into your pocket, unlock your phone, open the app.” which are only 3 steps, and let’s be honest here, I know we joking around a lot about how hard it is to throw a bottle in a recycle bin instead of the trash can, but this just shows how technology can outright, makes us looks, and sounds like a real idiot.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of integrating technology into my Daily life, but there is a limit to everything, technology should evolve and adapt to the way human and human has been connecting with each other for thousands of years, by eyes. We should not be adapted to the technology that can destroy what we now know as human interaction.

Source: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart  (Click on this link, I’m sorry that the embedded video is not working)



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