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Full iOS 8 will have full manual camera control?


Although Apple did a very good job of showing us the hottest and newest thing that featured in iOS 8 at WWDC 2014, there are still a lot of things left behind. It has become a habit for Apple to cram in new features in the newer version of iOS in the last second. Also, let’s remember that there will be beta 1 and 2 before release, and those versions might as well, will contain new features that did not get a mention at WWDC.

According to the source, iOS beta 1 & 2 on their iPhone shown some new camera control, like setting a timer for a respective selfie. And that is not all, reportedly the iOS SDK will have options for developers to gain control of almost everything: shutter speed, ISO, etc…, to make camera applications with such customization. Now, the problem here is that this is for developers, we do not know if Apple will take advantage of the SDK to enhance its own stock camera app, but for now, they will allow developers to make use of these settings for their own camera apps.

Now, this is just a report, we still don’t have the SDK yet, but as it comes out, we should learn what it contains and how can developers take advantage of it.

Source: Anand Tech

Via: Pocketnow



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