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The BlackBerry Windermere gets a name and release date


Although the company is in a bit of a pickle, it still gets itself to make some new hardware to survive days after days. If you remember, back in the beginning of the months, I reported on a new BlackBerry flagship that will once again, have a QWERTY keyboard that was rumored to the reveal sometime this year. Well, John Chen, BlackBerry’s CEO, confirmed there is such flagship that will be showcased at an event in London in September, although the name Windermere won’t be the official name.

The new name for this phone is Passport. The reason for that is because of the weird shape that this phone going to have compare to conventional smartphone, this phone is apparently “super wide,” the figures and dimensions of the phone “literally are Passport-like,” according to the source. Although it has a keyboard, the phone will still have a square display that is bigger than conventional 4-inch display with the resolution of 1440×1440, pixel density would be around 480ppi. Bellow the display and keyboard, the phone packs 3GB of RAM, a Quad-core Snapdragon SoC, 13-megapixel rear camera, and a giant 3450mAh battery. As you also remember, the QWERTY keyboard that features in this Windermere, now called Passport, allows you to swipe left and right to delete character(s) or scroll up and down web browser.

So, would this phone be the phone that helps the sinking Blackberry ship? Well, let’s wait and see.

Source: Crackberry

Via: Phone Arena



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