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Moto X 2015 suspect has a codename

Moto-X-Moto-Maker-PalatteSummer started, schools are off, but that does not stop streams of tech news from coming in. While we haven’t heard about the device for quite awhile, in recent days, it has been a hot topic. From a leaked by TK Tech, many other leaks have now confirms the existence of the handset. Well, one comes after the others, today, we got a possible codename for the handset through the ndian’s import database.

Well, “possibly” that this is the new Moto X. In the database, we found a GSM-capable mobile handset with the name Calisto. Why do we think that this is the Moto X? The markup price for this particular handset works out to be just bellow $500, which is in the range of Motorola’s price-radius. It is also worth noticing that unlike other OEMs, Motorola only has a few models to release each year, and the company always starts with the Moto X. So, the theory of this “Calisto” being the Moto X is not too far stretch.

Source: Zauba

Via: Pocketnow



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